Oct 20, 2008 ~ Lisa Sabin-Wilson

Have a look at the new WordPress 2.7 Dashboard

Here it is in all its glory Ain’t it pretty??

For those of us who *just* got used to the new dashboard that came with version 2.5 – prepare yourselves for yet another dashboard change for 2.7. It’s refined. It’s friendly. It’s really beautiful, I have to say!

Here’s a screenshot so you can see what I mean:

For those of you following my book, WordPress For Dummies – We are releasing the 2nd edition of the book that will shortly follow the release of WordPress 2.7. We (Wiley Publishing, my publishing company) are making every single attempt at closely following the actual WordPress development schedule as much as possible. It’s more than a job. . . it’s an adventure!

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  1. Dave

    wow, the new dashboard looks cool. is there any other updates in 2.7, or is it just he redesign of the dashboard?

  2. Lisa Sabin-Wilson

    There are actually a lot of great new features in 2.7 – aside from the new admin design. Look forward to auto-installation of plugins directly from the official WP plugin directory, threaded (nested) comments, comment paging, better media uploading and image gallery controls and more.

    I’ve actually been through the beta-beta version completely and am waiting the public beta release so I can go through it and test out all the great features – – it’s pretty cool, I think!

  3. Chris Raymond

    I keep seeing a white number in an orange circle next to my Plugins title (sometimes it’s next to Comments)–searched high and low to find out what that is. Can you enlighten me? I guess it’s trying to alert me to something but totally invisible to me what that might be.


  4. Lisa Sabin-Wilson

    Chris – a white number in an orange circle next to the Plugins title is an alert to you that you have that many Plugins that have released a new version and you need to update them.

    Likewise, a white number in an orange circle next to the Comments title means you have that many comments awaiting moderation – – WordPress is saying “Hey, Chris! Over here!” :)

  5. Rebecca Finch

    This is just awsome. I’ll have to do a write up on it.

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