Akismet bug fixed

(update 10/21/08 – sorry for any Twitter followers who got this post in a Twitter broadcast!  This is an old post that we edited today, and it got broadcast to twitter as *new* through the Twitter Tools plugin we are currently using.  No worries on Akismet — there are no current bugs in the system — this is old info!  Sorry to you, and to the Akismet folks! 🙂

Over the past 24 hours, WordPress users who utilize the Akismet plugin experienced a mass influx of spam (this blog included). We’ve received just a ton of help tickets in our Support Center about the amount of spam they’ve received.

This was an Akismet issue and they’ve posted about it on their blog, including a statement that the problem has been resolved: Akismet blog: Downtime

Comment/trackback spam is very frustrating – however, when Akismet experiences a ‘burp’ such as this – there’s not much to be done except ride out the storm. And what a storm it was!

Akismet is an excellent service – especially considering that it doesn’t cost a thing. Keep up the great work Akismet folks!

New Hosting Packages Rollout!

We’re thrilled to annouce the launch of a new design at Blogs About Hosting! Along with the new look – we’ve rolled out our new and improved hosting packages, available immediately. We’ve up’d the ante on all the good stuff – while at the same time, kept the prices the exact same as before.

More stuff. Same cost. Gotta love it!

How much more stuff? WAY MORE bandwidth, disk space, add on domains (ability to run multiple domains on one account), subdomains, MYSQL databases and more!

Why are we doing this? Because we enjoy the heck out of this job – and have a boatload of excellent clients that we want to keep happy. As technology changes – we’ve seen an increase in the need for resources – with the popularity of podcasting, vblogging, etc – the need for resources increases and we want to keep up with the flow. (not too mention the need for extra bandwidth with the 2008 elections just right around the corner – you polibloggers are gonna need it!)

Check out the new packages here. If you’re an existing client – your package will change over the next week . . but your price won’t change! Existing clients can submit any questions by opening a help ticket in our Support Center.

Blogs About Hosting is more than a web host – – we have a focus on bloggers, blog software, tools, resources, etc. Along with your account, our clients receive a free installation of WordPress. We take it a step further and provide support for the use of WordPress in our Support Center for clients who host their blogs with us.

Even better – all of our Blogs About Hosting clients receive a 10% discount on all design fees here at E.Webscapes. It’s a nice way to say “Thanks!” – not too mention, keeping all of your blog needs under one roof makes it nice, tidy and easy for you, so you can keep your focus on changing the world – one blog post at a time.