WordPress for Dummies

We are very happy, and proud, to annouce that our very own Lisa Sabin-Wilson has been asked to author “WordPress for Dummies” – due to be available in stores in August 2007. The “.. for Dummies” books are a product of Wiley Publishing. Lisa’s experience and knowledge of the WordPress blogging software will make this book a ‘must have’ for anyone with a desire to learn more about working with WordPress. You can read her own announcement on her Design Blog at E.Webscapes. If you’re interested in receiving updates on the progress and release of the book – please visit her Design Blog and subscribe to her RSS Feed

Congratulations, Lisa!!

Mail Server Update

(update 10/21/08 – sorry for any Twitter followers who got this post in a Twitter broadcast!  This is an old post that we edited today, and it got broadcast to twitter as *new* through the Twitter Tools plugin we are currently using.  No worries on the mail server issues — this is old info!  Sorry! 🙂

Over this past weekend, we have upgraded the anti-spam and anti-virus software on all of the mail servers within our network. Our clients should experience greater protection than ever before. As always, should you experience any strange behaviour with your server mail – incoming or outgoing, please visit our Support Center to file a help ticket with our support staff – – our technicians will be happy to assist you.