WordPress 2.1 Release

WordPress announced the release of the new version 2.1-Ella. This is a major version release and we encourage everyone to read the information about what has changed in this version, as well as the details upgrade instructions for upgrading to WordPress 2.1.

Also, here is a listing of WP Plugins that are compatible with this newest version – also listed there are plugins that are NOT compatible with WordPress version 2.1 – – make sure you read that information as it applies to plugins you may have installed on your WordPress blog.

We strongly recommend that you follow the threads in the WordPress Support Forums regarding major issues that users are having after upgrading to version 2.1 – – read through these issues before deciding to proceed with the upgrade. Typically, after such a major release – – they will release another version shortly that addresses any major bugs found only after several thousand users have upgraded and reported back with the issues. Please keep that in mind before jumping on the upgrade bandwagon.

As always – – back up your data before you proceed with an upgrade! We cannot stress this strongly enough. Yes, we do keep backups of your account – however, please read our Terms of Service as it pertains to the restoration of your back ups. We will restore the first back up for no charge – – after that, if you continue to experience issues due to failing to back up your own data, there will be a charge for each instance of back up restoration to compensate for time involved and the server resources it utilizes with each occurrance. You are able to create a full back up of your account via your CPanel – login and find the ‘BackUp” icon – – click that and follow the instructions on the creation of a back up file. This way, if the installation goes wrong, you have a full and complete back up that you can restore via your CPanel, as well.