Server Migration 12/13 – 12/14 2008

Server Alerts: for those clients whose accounts are on the following servers (*):

  • OZ –
  • TALIS –
  • BUBBA –

We are performing a server migration to new, more powerful server system.  Skipping all the geek speak – basically it means more RAM (memory), more processors (CPU) – which means better, faster and more powerful, overall.  Accounts backups to an offsite location have been completed and we expect very minimal (if any) downtime for accounts on those three servers.  If you experience any problems with your site, please understand that the server migration is necessary to upgrade the equipment across all our server systems to better serve our clients and improve performance, and ultimately your hosting experience.  The migration will be taking place in the wee hours of the night/morning – we chose these times because they are the lowest in terms of web traffic and readership (when *most* people are sleeping..except me, I’m always awake when the rest of the world sleeps.  heh)

Currently, we are having an unrelated hardware problem on the TALIS server that our techs are working on, as I type this.  The migration of the accounts off TALIS to the new server will remedy the problem – however, we are working on getting TALIS fixed to remedy server load issues in the meantime.  As always, we appreciate your patience and your support!

Over the next 24 – 48 hours, our techs will be prioritizing questions and requests for support on an ‘urgent‘ basis only.   Questions and support requests requiring urgent attention will be attended to immediately.  General inquiries, requests for design assistance, upgrades to software, etc will be attended to starting Monday morning.  This weekend, our focus is on making the migration go smoothly for everyone and emerging on Monday morning with some powerful new systems over here!

* – If you do not know what server your account is currently on – you can locate the IP number of your server in the left menu of your CPanel.  Compare your IP number with the three I’ve listed above to find out which server your account is currently hosted on.  Or, leave a comment on this post and I’ll do my best to help you determine your server assignment.  Thanks!

Site Uptime Monitoring Added

I did something on our site that I should have done a long, long, long time ago! I added a site uptime monitoring tool that will allow our clients (and potential clients!) to check up on the progress of our servers! The service is provided by SiteUptime and you can view server stats here.

We currently have 5 of our shared servers we are currently monitoring and good question might be… “How do I know which server my account is on?” – which would be an excellent question! The servers on the Site Uptime monitoring page are listed by name and IP address:

  • KIWI –
  • BUBBA –
  • TALIS –
  • OZ –
    It is the string of numbers to the right of the Server Name that you need to worry about. The IP of the server you are on is listed in your account CPanel, in the left menu. Find that IP – compare it to one of the 5 listed above and BINGO! You know which one you are on! Feel free to bookmark our uptime monitoring page so you can visit it and check up on our regular progress of uptime! Those uptime stats are refreshed every 5 minutes!

    Small triva that most of you don’t know: The names of our servers: Kiwi, Oz, Bubba, Talis, Jingles – those are all names of our pets. Yes, we’re pet people! We have three birds and three cats – so far!

    Kiwi – our conure parrot; she recently died after choking on a seed 🙁
    Oz – our Military Mackaw
    Jingles – our Chattering Lorikeet
    Bubba – our adopted kitten from Alabama
    Talis – our Abysynnian cat

    But there are only 5 servers, you ask?? Yes – we recently adopted a Pionus Parrot named Pinki who doesn’t have a server named after her yet! All in good time, Pinksters! 😀

New design launch and some great new features!

Today, we’ve launched the new layout and design of our site – we hope you like it! We’ve always had a blog on this site – – but only used it for updates and news. Now, we intend on using it a great deal and blogging about topics that we think our clients may find useful – – especially in the areas of web hosting, WordPress and other blogging platform information, blogging technologies, social media and anything else we can think of to make managing and maintaining your site more fun and easy! We’re open to recommendations from YOU, our clients, on what information you would like to see here. We’re all ears!

In addition to the new design and layout – we’ve launched our CPanel Video Tutorial Section where you will find very helpful video guides on how to do all sorts of things with your hosting account, via your CPanel. Video guides include information on:

  • Email Creation and Management
  • FTP Account Management
  • MySQL database creation and management
  • Using the File Manager
  • Password Protect Directories
  • IP Deny Manager
  • …and more!

We realize that not everyone is a ‘guru’ when it comes to managing and maintaining a website and/or blog – so we hope that these videos teach you how to do some of the back end administration stuff that needs doing, saves you some time and helps you along your way!

As we announced in an earlier post, you can follow BlogsAbout on Twitter – our Twitter will always update when there are new posts made here, but more than just post announcements – we just like to Twitter..and we’d like to see you Twitter, too – – so, add us and we’ll add you!

We hope you like some of the new changes around here! We’re working behind the scenes to bring additional features to this site, and to your accounts – – things like an affiliate program, more video tutorials and we are currently at work at an integrated billing system that will allow our clients to manage their billing and add/edit features to your account all through your own CPanel! We’re busy bees – but we like it that way!

Hoping you all had a GREAT weekend!

Welcome Clients from Weblog Design Studios

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to the clients from Weblog Design Studios! As you have all heard by now, clients who were previously hosted with Weblog Design Studios were transferred to our servers here at Blogs About Hosting over the weekend. Weblog Design Studios had some severe issues with their servers last week and Danalynn and I worked out a hosting solution to make sure that you no longer experienced an interruption in services for your website.

Within the next 72 hours, you will each receive a personal email from us explaining our services and to set up your billing arrangements with us.

In the meantime, if you have any questions at all about our services, or need technical assistance with your site – please visit our Support Center to file a help ticket with our technicians – the will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Our Support Center does require that you register a user account — the username and password you use for your CPanel will NOT work in the Support Center, for security purposes – we do need to keep those two accounts separate. So please register an account there and let us know how we can assist you.

More importantly, we’re thrilled to have you on board!

New Hosting Packages Rollout!

We’re thrilled to annouce the launch of a new design at Blogs About Hosting! Along with the new look – we’ve rolled out our new and improved hosting packages, available immediately. We’ve up’d the ante on all the good stuff – while at the same time, kept the prices the exact same as before.

More stuff. Same cost. Gotta love it!

How much more stuff? WAY MORE bandwidth, disk space, add on domains (ability to run multiple domains on one account), subdomains, MYSQL databases and more!

Why are we doing this? Because we enjoy the heck out of this job – and have a boatload of excellent clients that we want to keep happy. As technology changes – we’ve seen an increase in the need for resources – with the popularity of podcasting, vblogging, etc – the need for resources increases and we want to keep up with the flow. (not too mention the need for extra bandwidth with the 2008 elections just right around the corner – you polibloggers are gonna need it!)

Check out the new packages here. If you’re an existing client – your package will change over the next week . . but your price won’t change! Existing clients can submit any questions by opening a help ticket in our Support Center.

Blogs About Hosting is more than a web host – – we have a focus on bloggers, blog software, tools, resources, etc. Along with your account, our clients receive a free installation of WordPress. We take it a step further and provide support for the use of WordPress in our Support Center for clients who host their blogs with us.

Even better – all of our Blogs About Hosting clients receive a 10% discount on all design fees here at E.Webscapes. It’s a nice way to say “Thanks!” – not too mention, keeping all of your blog needs under one roof makes it nice, tidy and easy for you, so you can keep your focus on changing the world – one blog post at a time.