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Site Uptime Monitoring Added20 Oct

I did something on our site that I should have done a long, long, long time ago! I added a site uptime monitoring tool that will allow our clients (and potential clients!) to check up on the progress of our servers! The service is provided by SiteUptime and you can view server stats here. We currently have 5 of our shared servers we are currently monitoring and good question might be… “How do I know which server my account is on?” – which would be an excellent question! The servers on the Site Uptime monitoring page are listed by name and IP address: KIWI – JINGLES – BUBBA – TALIS – OZ – It …

WordPress SuperCache17 Oct

I’m writing to inform our clients, and any other WordPress users who come across this post, about a plugin called WP Super Cache. What is it? From the plugin description on the developers site: This plugin generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After a html file is generated your webserver will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts. As many of you (our clients) know – yesterday (October 16) we had a pretty rough server load day. There was one particular site on our server that was getting a blazing amount of traffic to a post they made on the elections (Political season is just HUGE for us!) …
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New Hosting Packages Rollout!12 Aug

We’re thrilled to annouce the launch of a new design at Blogs About Hosting! Along with the new look – we’ve rolled out our new and improved hosting packages, available immediately. We’ve up’d the ante on all the good stuff – while at the same time, kept the prices the exact same as before. More stuff. Same cost. Gotta love it! How much more stuff? WAY MORE bandwidth, disk space, add on domains (ability to run multiple domains on one account), subdomains, MYSQL databases and more! Why are we doing this? Because we enjoy the heck out of this job – and have a boatload of excellent clients that we want to keep happy. As technology changes – we’ve …

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Blogs About has been in the business of hosting websites and blogs since 2002. We strive to provide quality and affordable hosting packages that are sure to meet your needs! We understand that not everyone is a ‘guru’ at this website stuff – – so we’re here to help you! Through our video tutorials.

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