Web Hosting Video Tutorials

We completely understand that not every single person who owns and operates a web site or blog is a guru with every aspect of running, and maintaining a web site.

Coupled with our very helpful Client Support Desk, where our clients find our support techs to be very helpful on common day-to-day website maintenance problems, we are very excited and proud to launch the Web Hosting Video Tutorials section of our website where you can find instructional videos on everything from setting up your email accounts, FTP, adding new domains and/or subdomains and so much more! Check them out – we’ve tried to include as many relevant videos as possible to help you along your way to complete website success!

Email Accounts – View Video

Create and manage all the email accounts associated with your domain.

Email Forwarders – View Video

Stay informed or keep your team in the know by forwarding a copy of emails sent to a specific email account associated with your domain. This is helpful to me when I travel! I forward important emails to my Gmail account so that I can get my email anywhere, anytime! Watch the video and learn how.

Email Auto Responders – View Video

Keep your people informed about what you’re doing by using email autoresponders. Helpful for when you’re out of the office for the day, or something! Watch and learn!

Creating and Modifying a MySQL database in CPanel – View Video

A video guide to creating a new MySQL database, or modifying an already existing database in your CPanel.

Updating Your Contact Information – View Video

Your contact information is very important to us! It is the contact information held within your CPanel that we use to get ahold of you for important server maintenance or service announcements! Changing your email? Be sure to change it in your CPanel – this video shows you how.

Subdomains – View Video

A video guide on how to create and manage subdomains on your account in your CPanel.

AddOn Domains – View Video

Did you know that every single Blogs About Hosting account gives you the ability to host multiple websites with multiple domains on your account? If you want a second, third, fourth, fifth….. website – you DON’T need to sign up for a whole new account! Just add the new domain onto your existing account and this video shows you exactly how to do it!

Using the MySQL Wizard – View Video

This step by step wizard shows you how to manage MySQL databases on your account.

Parked Domains – View Video

Have a domain or two that you’re not currently using, park it! Learn all about Parked Domains with this video – it will show you the way!

Redirects – View Video

Have a domain or two that you’re not currently using, but maybe you would like to direct it to your main domain? Learn all about creating Redirects with this video – it will show you the way!

Changing Password – View Video

Changing your password now and then is not a bad idea, from a security standpoint. As a matter of fact – we strongly encourage it! This video shows you exactly how to do it!

Password Protect Directories – View Video

Have a few directories on your account that you don’t want the public to access? Slap a password on those directories to make them completely private to everyone but you, and any other password holders you’ve authorized! Watch this video to know how!

Hotlink Protection – View Video

This video shows you how to protect your images and files from hot linking. Hot linking is when another person takes the direct path to files on YOUR account and puts them on their website – pulling the file directly off your website. This eats LOTS of bandwidth after a time.

File Manager – View Video

Quickly manage all of the files on your account in your CPanel – using the File Manager feature. Watch this video to learn how to do it.

Back Ups – View Video

Blogs About Hosting makes daily, weekly and monthly backups of all accounts on our servers. But! That never excuses the user from making their own backups, just to be sure! You don’t ever want to face losing all of your hard work! Watch this video to learn how to use the CPanel backup feature to download your account backups to your own computer.

FTP Accounts – View Video

Create new FTP accounts for your hosting account, of manage existing ones – this video gives you the knowledge you need.

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